New Website (+ Progress)

The fully revamped website is now live and looking sexy. Big thanks to the wonderful @maeliejade for handling the task. Much sleep was lost on her part to make the transition.

In other news, progress on Superluminal proceeds, full steam ahead. The album is nearly complete, and I am determined to have it available by May. So... expect a release date announcement soon.

Head over to SoundCloud to listen to the first sampler from the album, showcasing seven of the tracks to make the final cut.

Current status… 5.23.2011

Been experimenting with my newly acquired NI Komplete 7, and I think there just may be some very awesome stuff in the works.  'Superluminal’ continues to be a work in progress, but at least there’s some semblance of progress there.  Chris Serani is coming over today for some potential collaborative effort(s).  We’ll see what turns loose.

Additionally, I STILL have plans to do an album of entirely cover songs.  Due to licensing costs and so on, I’ll almost certainly release that for free.  Probably going to be a while, though.  If you have any suggestions in the way of songs I should cover, feel free to shoot them my way, but I make no promises.